Public Library leads researchers in finding a cure for Cancer

Yup, that's the headline I would love see in print one day and given the most recent feedback that we've received from the coordinators of the World Community Grid project, Team PLCMC is actually not far off from this reality -- seriously!!!!

Those of you that read my blog may recall that I've blogged about this project before. But I just to have to share it again for it's hard for me fathom that in less than 8 months, the computers within our library system have already contributed over 36 years worth (yes! that's right 36 years) of computing run time towards helping to solve some of the world's most critical medical needs. Problems such as fighting AIDS, curing Muscular Dystrophy, defeating Cancer, understanding the structure of human proteins, and helping to unravel the mysteries of the human genome have been assisted by computers within the PLCMC system providing the equivalent in processing time of a several small supercomputer centers.

How have we done this you ask? Simple. by participating and partnering in the World Community Grid Project and configuring our public access computers to run the grid agent during the hours that our library is closed or our PCs are sitting idle.

As of our last report, PLCMC ranked #82 out of over 294,000 registered and given the rapid contribution that our organization has been able to make towards this worth while effort, we've been asked to help IBM test some new computing grid arrangements that would be suitable for large organizations, like ours, that frequently re-image their PCs.

Interested in participating in this humanitarian effort yourself, either as a library or an individual?

The steps are easy .

  • As a library or organization - simply click here and fill out the form and a representative from IBM will contact you. (Note: These instructions come direct from the World Grid IBM team - & they will contact you!!) Set up your own Team, recruit others, and we'll see you in the rankings! Perhaps we could even have a Library-WCG 'throwdown'! :) Anyway, if you're at all interested in details about PLCMC's involvement, you can contact Frank Blair at fblair(at) He's done an awesome job in getting this program off the ground for PLCMC.

  • As an individual - simply signup on the World Community Grid site and download and install the grid agent. That's it! When you are not using your computer, it can be busy crunching data and working to benefit people all over the world. If you like, you can also join the PLCMC team when you do! :)

The World Community Grid project is a completely not-for-profit endeavor that IBM and more than 15,000 teams from other organizations have contributed to. More information on this endeavor can be found here,

Libraries a have always had a strong reputation as leaders in efforts to fight illiteracy, but with our combined computing power and participation in the World Community Grid project, we also have the opportunity to lead humanitarian efforts in other areas all over the globe!

Why not join the effort? Can't you just see the headline now ...

Libraries unite and lead the way in finding a cure for Cancer.

Very cool!!!

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