Rules for Innovation

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to hear Lois Kilkka, Library Manager at ImaginOn, speak on the subject of innovation with a group visiting librarians. What Lois shared made me smile soooo much, that I asked her if she mind if I blogged her rules. Of course she said “yes” … so now you can read and smile too!

Ideas for Innovative Programming

  • Golden rule of innovation: Say Yes!!!
  • If you hire creative staff, every person is a programmer
  • Double the fun - work with a partner
  • Take advantage of your location – unitize your location's strengths
  • Take a risk – say yes first, figure out the other stuff later
  • Change the rules – reverse the restrictions (food in libraries, after hours events, etc.)
  • Listen to your customers – offer things that fit their needs, not ours
  • Let your customers do the programming – you don’t have to do it yourself
  • Use what you have – be creative. You don’t need a huge budget to make a huge impact
  • Creative technology – beyond online resources and MS Office
  • Think big in creating experiences
  • Think small in building relationships
  • Jump on trends
  • Share generously (in staff meetings, with visiting colleagues, at conferences and workshops, on websites)
  • Steal shamelessly
  • Old dogs, new tricks – take a new look at spaces & things
  • Get the word out

I completely love the golden rule ... say YES! :)

Thanks Lois for letting me share these (generously & shamelessly). As always, you rock!!

Photo: Andy Welsh

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