Learning 2.0 around the globe

Thanks to Minerva Shelved there's now a Google Map of the locations all over the world that have launched a Learning 2.0 program. For those that curious, a quick scan of my email folder indicates over 147 inquiries during the past few months about the program. Ans although there's a few dozen on the map so far, I know of several programs still in development that are planned to launch soon (including translations in Danish, Spanish and Italian).

Anyway, It's exciting to see libraries and organizations all over the globe improve upon and spin the Learning 2.0 program slightly differently for their respective staffs. But the neatest thing for me is seeing how all this growth is helping to transform learning environments from the traditional "knowledge expert" model (i.e. instructor led) to a peer-to-peer "knowledge player" ecosystem where every participant in the experience can both benefit and add to the community's learning network.

Current list of organizations (that I know about) that have launched a Learning 2.0 program.

Got one to add? Just let me know.

PS: Be on the lookout for news here shortly about a new learning initiative for PLCMC staff that will offer those who want to continue the journey more ways to explore and have fun!

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Sarah Houghton-Jan said...

Please add California's library training group, Infopeople's, new program: It's California-wide!