Become a trend spotter

Wanna know how to be a trend spotter? Try these five tips from

  1. Know why you’re tracking trends
    “Tracking consumer trends is one way (and there are many ways!) to gain inspiration, helping you dream up profitable new goods, services and experiences for (and with) your customers. So trend watching should ultimately lead to profitable innovation” See great list of misconceptions.

  2. Have a point of view
    “Make sure you acquire a point of view about the world around you. The more trends you spot and track, and the more skilled you are at putting these trends into context, the more guidance you'll have. When you have a broad point of view, even tiny observations start to make sense.”

  3. Weave your web of resources
    "Stop bitching about information overload and instead celebrate the incredible wealth of trend resources at your fingertips, many of them free or dirt cheap! Surely there’s never been a more exciting time for eager trend watchers to be in business, soaking up the insights, the spottings, the reports, the live dispatches from the global consumer arena.”

  4. Fine-tune your trend network
    ”The easiest way to start building your own Trend Framework is to copy consumer trends from existing trend curators…Then add your own findings. Your framework will expand quickly, meaning fewer surprises every time you spot something of interest: the bigger the framework, the easier it is to categorize your findings.”

  5. Embed and apply
    ”Every company should have its own Trend Group. Even if that ‘group’ is just you. The Trend Group is not some multi-million dollar/euro/pound affair. It doesn't have to employ a dozen staff (though that would be nice ;-). It's more a state of mind”

Read the full text here, trendwatching .com

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