I work on the web

I work on the web

This is me. I work on the Web (see also

In 1993, I purchased my first computer – an Acer 256.
In 1995, I created my first website, The Beans & Fritzer Holiday Home Page. It became our annual Christmas card extra until 2001, when our dogs (you guessed it, B & F) retired and I took up blogging.
In 2004, I started blogging professionally at
In 2006, I created Learning 2.0 and things have taken off from there.

I work on the web daily - @ work, @ home and @ play!

The web:
  • keeps me connected with people and ideas that inspire me to innovate and bring greater value to my 9 to 5 workplace.
  • keeps me connected to family and friends all over globe.
  • gives me a medium to share and test my ideas, thoughts and hypothesis with others.
  • offers a place for dialogue, conversation and reflection. It compliments my irl discussions.
  • is an integral part of my career and daily habit.
I work on the web. How about you?

PS: Thanks Kathryn & Michael for providing the inspiration.

UPDATE: Add your profile to Flickr and then machine tag it to include it on Machine tag directions --> here.

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