Experimentarium ... aka FUN!

Last year I had the pleasure to meet Knud Schulz from the Aarhus Public Libraries when a group of librarians and architects from Denmark came to visit ImaginOn.

Their library's Transformation Lab is an amazing space and from what I hear is well worth the trip (BTW: I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that I win the lottery) but when Knud emailed this new video of how they're engaging kids in the library development process, I was more inspired than ever.

Book shelves that you can climb on ... jumping rooms that feel like the moon ... Football on the roof, just to name a few. These are just a sampling of the creative ideas that children wanted in libraries in addition to others.

Anyway, take a look at the video and see if you don't agree that a library like this would be lots of fun! For me the takeaways from all these ideas are the themes of " active spaces", "engaging activities", "fun" and "play" - which when you come to think about it, are really the most important esential elements for creating meaningful learning.

PS: Special note to Melanie Huggins at SPPL. Check out 6:48 - 7:05. It totally made me think of your vision for ImaginOn :)

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