What do socks & libraries have in common?

CML - marketing campaignSpringwise ran an item today about Socks with a Story. It seems there’s a customer base for those who love socks, but love the connection to the grannies (and their stories) that knit them better.

Reading this short piece reminded me of the marketing campaign (and newish website) I had seen on my recent trip to Columbus Metropolitan Library which focused not on books, nor on services, but instead highlighted the library’s greatest asset ... their staff!

Those that work in libraries on the front line know and experience "the connection" everyday. The books and programs may bring them in initially. But it’s the personal connection with the staff -- a friendly face, a pleasant inquiry, a chat about good reads or the exchange of a small life story -- that brings them back !

So what do socks and libraries have common? It's easy ... great stories and great people.

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