Innovations & Extinctions 1950 - 2050

Wish you had a crystal ball to see into the future? Think you can predict the end of email, glaciers or even Google? What’s Next has a few future trend maps that provide some food for thought. And although I’m happy to see that “libraries” aren’t uniquely identified on the Extinction Timeline, the death of “free public spaces” is predicted for 2040 - ouch! Update: I guess my eyesight is worse then I thought. I missed seeing "libraries" at 2018 right under "Size 0"- thanks Anonymous. Double-ouch!

Also of note is the Trend Blend metro map - which having just returned from London, I can easily identify with “Sensory Experiences” (aka Kensington High Street) on the “Retail and Leisure” line (aka Circle Line) -- the location for ILI.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, libraries are on the list at around 2018, before free public space. Look again!