ILI Presentation

Wow, what a full day here at Internet Librarian International. In addition to finally meeting in person several people that I've come to know through either their blogs, Flickr or Facebook, I also attended several great sessions.

What amazed me most about the day (and what I also wasn't prepared for) was finding out just how far the concept of the 23 Things program has spread. Portugal is starting it soon, it was just started in the Netherlands, and it's also being launched on Oct 23rd in Sweden (and their using Ning). There's a project underway in Germany to translate it and it's already been completed in Denmark and now the Danish libraries are working on developing "23 Tings +" for their library users. This truly amazes me and what's most rewarding is seeing the concept of "play" taking hold all over the grid. In my mind, I think it just goes to show how powerful online learning networks can be.

For my part at ILI, I participated in an afternoon program along with Bente Jensen and Sara Jorgensen from the Copenhagen and Henning public libraries and as promised here are my slides and a few links to follow:




Anne Welsh said...

Hi Helene

Found your presentation really inspiring. Have followed the development of 23 things with interest, but your presentation yesterday really brought it to life.

I'm looking at possible programs to adapt for AOD (Alcohol and Other Drug) information specialists and after yesterday's presentation, I think that 23 things may well be the one.

All best


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the Learning 2.0 sessions and it was great to finally meet you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Helene, it was a pleasure to have lunch with you and discuss all these amazing things that are going on with the program. Ha! And I filmed you filming your film ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Helene,

Looks like a great presentation - thanks for sharing for those of us who couldn't be at ILI. I initially heard about 23 things through a blog post on The Other Librarian about Halifax libraries using your programme and have since read about so many other places using it too, what a great way to encourage good practice. Keep up the good work, you're an inspiration to newcomers to the profession such as myself.

n4v422o said...

Hi !
Greatings from Portugal !
Can you tell me where in Portugal the "23 things" will take place ?


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