Congrats Tom & Barry

Back in spring of last year, I had this wild hair idea that I hoped would not only solve a real problem (not enough staff capacity to explore and lead some new emerging technology projects), but also ( & perhaps more importantly) give staff the opportunity to stretch themselves and develop project management and leadership skills.

A mini-Fulbright scholarship is how I thought of the program and after championing the idea under the program title “Emerging Technology Scholars the idea gave birth when staff members Tom Cole (Librarian @ University City) and Barry Newman (Technology Associate @ ImaginOn) submitted two great technology/program projects that they were willing to lead.

The start date for the pilot program was August 1st and after finding space for them both to settle for their 6 month project durations in the Virtual Village, they both took off with their projects in earnest.

In hindsight, I wish that I had been a bit closer in physical proximity to their workspace, so that it wasn’t so difficult to seek my guidance or assistance when they needed it. But our Wednesday weekly project update meetings seemed to work out well and once the projects were scoped to a manageable and measurable definition (there’s only so much you can do in 6 months) both Tom and Barry really took off.

One of my few regrets in leaving PLCMC last month is that I didn’t get to see both Tom and Barry through to the end on their projects (Thanks Matt for picking up the charge). But through what I’m able to follow via blogs and email, I sorta feel like a proud momma eagle watching her fledglings soar high.

Congrats Tom and Barry !! I know you both have at least two weeks left to complete your project deliverables (& Board of Trustee presentations). But now that I’m a bit removed from the action, I just gotta tell ya that your success looks equally as good from a far.

All my best - Helene

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Anonymous said...

This is a perfect example of how great ideas can "bubble up" from the front-line staff.