Don't hold back...

In just over a week, CML is going to launch it's own version of 23 Things called Learn & Play @ CML. This video made its debut yesterday at the managers meeting. As you might guess, it was hit. :)

Hat's off to the awesome team leading this effort. Gerald, Joy, Sam, Tonya, John & Tammy (hope I haven't forgot anyone) You guys rawk!

PS: If you're interested in following along with us on this journey, by all means don't hold back. :)


Gary Moneysmith said...

At the end of the video, the hand gestures for "2" and "point-O" were the nerdiest gang symbols ever. GREAT to see you taking such a clever approach using web 2.0 technologies (blog/video).

Anonymous said...

You guys are hysterical. :-D