A library case study on designing for “experience.”

Before I left for vacation (yup, that explains my nearly two week long absence for those who were wondering) I discovered this presentation from Marc Rettig and Adrahana Goel on Designing for Experience. Adrahana is currently the Service Design Strategist* for IDEO. She is also a featured speaker at the Idea Conference coming up – which BTW is also being held at the Chicago Public Library - which is how I discovered this...

Anyway, what caught my attention initial interest was the subject of the presentation, designing for “experiences” but I was moved forward through the slides I became more intrigued by the primary case study that they used … the Carnegie Public Library.

Follow the presentation completely. The slides on “walk(ing) a mile in the customers shoes” really tell a lot. The story that the case study demonstrates is that you can gain a lot through the information architecture process, rapid prototyping and user testing.

View the full presentation, but pay close attention to slides 1-88

* Note: Doesn’t this sound like a great job title for a new position in public service. I mean Service Design Strategist … I luv it, don't you?

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chrystie said...

thanks for pointing this out Helene, I may have missed it otherwise!