Thing 5: Exploring Flickr (and some of my favorite blogging tools)

Since I've been a Flickr user for at least three years now, I've had the chance to excplore and discover all sorts neat little applications that have grown out of Flickr's api's and devloper community.

For this blog post for L&P@CML I thought I'd share some of the neat little Flickr gadgets and widgets that I've discovered over the years that let you embed some of your Flickr images into your blog.

  • Flckr Slidr- by far this is my favorite tool for creating and embedding slideshows from Flickr into your blog. Just enter your user name, set, or tag, select the pixels for your size and the tool does the rest and even supplies the code for you to copy and paste into your blog. It's really that easy. :)

  • Bubblr is a great little tool for adding conversation bubbles to your photos. Simply specify your Flickr user name and tag and it pulls up your Flickr images so you can drag and drop conversation bubbles and then save the images.

  • Cover Flow Although I must admit I haven't played this one yet, the tool looks as easy to use as the Slidr, but the rotating display is tens time more awesome. Definitely noting this new find here, so I have easy access to it in the future.

  • Finally Flickr badge (see my badge on my side bar)... this is one Flickr gem that I always seem to have a difficult locating on Flickr itself whenever I need it. For some reason it's buried pretty good in the Flickr site itself, so for those who are wondering, I thought I take the next 10 minutes to search for it again... [time lapse 3.5 minutes] Ok, I'm back. that took less time than normal. I remembered I had to search the Flickr Help Forum to find it last time... so I could provide you with the link. Here it is.

Enjoy Flickr!


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Just to add another:- - here you can combine music tracks with flickr photos.
You can see how we have utilised it (and Pictobrowser also) to enhance our Facebook page and give exposure to our resources.

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