Learning 2.0 Survey: Calling all program coodinators ...

It’s hard to believe that two years I launched Learning 2.0 for PLCMC staff and in two short years this simple program has grown it’s own set of arms and legs and literally walked itself all over the globe.

To celebrate this date – and to also gain a bit perspective – I’ve decided to conduct a little survey to see how this program has impacted libraries and pull together lessons learned.

Over the last two weeks I’ve already gathered input from coordinators of over 50 different individual learning 2.0 program adaptations. But I hoping that through this posting I can gather several more program responses to get a wider sampling of the program’s impact and lessons learned.

If you or your library has completed your own Learning 2.0 program or adaptation, I’d loved to get your survey input. Just email me at helene.blowers(-at-) or leave a comment. I’ll be happy to forward to the survey link to you and would be grateful for your input.

BTW: The survey is short. Only ten questions and should take no more then 5 minutes.

Note: for those that are interested, I’m also planning to share the results here. And if the early results are any indication, there is some good stuff to share.

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Jo said...

hi there would love to fill in your survey as the 23 things program has changed the way I think about libraries