Discovery Place Talk @ ALA Midwinter

Getting up @ 3:45 am this morning is not my idea of a sunshine start. Finding out that your 6 am flight is delayed nearly two hours makes me appreciate Starbucks even more.

The airport delay, however, does give me time to post a link to my slidedeck for today's talk at ALA Midwinter on Columbus Metropolitan Library's ILS system, Discovery Place.

Discovery Place, is CML's own homegrown solution which has faithfully supportive the circulation of nearly 320 billion items over last twenty years. It's a true workhorse and well loved among circulation staff for its dependability and quick response.

I know it's very rare to find in-house developed ILS systems, especially for a library system our size (21 locations) and circulation (annual circulation 17.5 million). So that is why I'm heading to ALA today... to share a bit about CML's experience in developing and supporting our own ILS and the strategies we've set to continually meet customer expectations.

Discovery Place ILS – Columbus Metropolitan Library

If you're at ALA midwinter and have interest in this area, you'll find me at the conference center today @ 2 pm speaking about Discovery Place as part of RMG's Nineteenth Annual Presidents' Seminar: The View from the Top -- that is if my flight isn't delayed further.

[off to find more coffee]

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sureiswindy said...

I've been lax in keeping up on Librarybytes (sorry) but took a few free minutes to check in... Outstanding slide deck on DP progress. CML's an exciting place to be given the ILS market. Thanks for the reminder :)