Libraries: Discover what you know

As I was searching back through my YouTube favorites this past week looking for a video to share with folks in an upcoming workshop in Melbourne next month, I rediscovered this

“discover what you know”

The message of this video just screams “library” to me. The only thing that doesn’t is the last 12 seconds…

… and tbh that scares me a bit. How about you?

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Maybe a little bit scary that it wasn't about libraries, but it was more of a "oh oh" moment for me, in that we had best move beyond the waking up phase and into the action phase of what information, creativity, and communities mean today. In other words the @ symbol and cute plays on words like "surfing the web" do nothing to engage users in a conversation. And it needs to be less of us saying over and over again in a lould, slow, emaphatic voice that we have what they need (subscription databases, vetted information...) and instead talking with, and listening to, where our users are and what they would like their relationship to be with us.

Well, maybe the ending did scare me a bit, in that I'm wondering if enough of us are upto what is needed to move forward with our communities.