Shovers & Makers

From the files of "you-can-make-a-difference", "it-takes-a-village" and "brilliant" :
Shovers and Makers 2009: I’m a winner! (So are you.)
"Every year, Library Journal names a group of innovative librarians as “Movers and Shakers.” M&S is a popular feature for a good reason: the profiles of M&S librarians are thought-provoking and inspiring. M&S ends up as something of a snapshot of what the library profession finds innovative and worth of notice, and there is no question that the Movers and Shakers are people to watch.

But at the Library Society of the World, we can’t help but wonder about everyone else in libraryland. While the Movers and Shakers are moving and shaking, what are the rest of us doing? Standing still? Surely not.

So we have come up with our own award that we see as a complement to M&S. Introducing Library Society of the World’s Shovers and Makers.

And there is only one way to become a Shover and Maker: declare yourself one."

To Josh, Steve & Iris and ALL Shovers & Makers... well done!

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Anonymous said...

Don't you love it when we have fun with words?! This really made me laugh. Love the layers of meaning this can have.