The death of the newspaper & other social impacts

Been following the newspaper crisis lately? Wonder where all this might be going? Jay Rosen of PressThink captures and summarizes some of the opinions of thought-leaders in this area. From Clay Shirky's Thinking the Unthinkable to Dave Winer’s The reboot of journalism, I find that there’s a lot parallels to think about as I read these between the newsroom and libraries - -- both of which owe their start to the printing press.

Rosen offers up a mini “flying seminar” to catch you up to speed. Definitely not something you can easily digest in just one sitting, but lots of interesting perspectives to keep you engaged over several evenings.

Rosen's Flying Seminar In The Future of News

PS: And if you’re interested in keeping up with the newspaper (& traditional media) crisis, I might also suggest following TheMediaIsDying via Twitter.

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Anonymous said...

Crisis? Only to those who want to control the media and all its distribution channels.