1/17/2006 - the ultimate Library Catalog?

We all know library users (and even library staff like me) that like to use as their catalog tool. But until I came across this little gem, I had only seen the idea of integrating our OPAC into as achievable only through a bookmarklet tool.

Enter this FireFox plugin that uses a Greesemonkey user script (created by AADL Superpatron Edward Veilmetti ) to insert a bit of DMHTL code into pages so you can see if the title is available at your local library.

Honestly, as a frequent user of I'm blown away by this and would love something like this for our catalog as well. -- And it's just another reason to love FireFox 1.5 even more :) -- but as cautionary observer, I wonder how Amazon feels about having content inserted on their page for display.

Anyway... with so many new ideas and amazing web 2.0 stuff being developed these days this latest break through has really got me thinking ... I wonder it if would be also possible to develop a script that would automatically apply your affiliate # to any purchases so that libraries that participate in this program would automatically get referral fees? Now, that might get Amazon's attention.

PS: See it also over at SJCPL at Tame the Web

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Edward Vielmetti said...

The original code for this was from Jon Udell, and the AADL version I adapted from something that Carrick Mundell did for Seattle.

Adding a new library is not all that hard - let me see what I can do for yours.