RFID goes under the skin

It looks like RFID technology has reached a new level - as exemplified by this story:
Computer chips get under skin of U.S. enthusiasts
(Reuters Online 01.06.06)

Although I can't quite envision patrons today walking around with their library code information stored under their skin, it does lend itself to some ponderings :)

According to recently reported studies, "Approximately 8% of libraries currently have RFID. Global growth is projected at 30% per year through 2006"

For more information about the use of RFID within Libraries see:

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Lori said...

My cats have these. I don't think I'm ready for one though. On a similar note, it seems that more and more Charlotte businesses are using BioPay, allowing customers to pay with a thumbprint. An interesting feature it offers is age verification for alcohol and tobacco purchases--so no need to check IDs. I wonder if libraries will move in this direction for library cards.