Library Thing

Looking for your own personal ILS to catalog your home collection? Want to find others who appreciate books as much as you? Then look no further than LibraryThing. This fast growing online tool already boast 1.4 million entries and offers users the ability to:

  • Catalog up to 200 books free (unlimited cataloging is available for $10/year subsciption)
  • Rate, categorized and add your own reviews and comments to titles
  • Share your catalog listings with others (or keep it private)
  • Tag your entries with or Flickr tags
  • Grab the widget code for your personal website or blog to show people what you're reading
  • etc.

I just created a quick personal library of my own comprised of some of my recent reads. The search tool and grab tool is fantastic. Simply enter the title and it pulls the basic information (author, publisher, LC subjects, ISBN) for the bib record in for you. You can check out the personal library I set up here.

Try it for yourself - LibraryThing

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