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Did you know that ...
... the most frequently looked up word in Merriam-Webster's online dictionary in 2004 was "blog"
... over 15,000 new blogs are created on the web everyday equating to one new blog every 5.8 seconds ( Technorati )
... nearly 27% of the internet users read blogs on a regular basis and 7% of the US population (8 mil adults) have created a blog themselves. (Pew Study -2004)
... yet still 62% of the population has no idea what a blog is. :)

Short for web log, the term blog was actually born back in the 90s but the term became part of main stream culture in 1999 with the birth of online blogging tool pioneers, Blogger and Moveable Type.

If you're reading this site already to get information about blogs, then you're already half way there to understanding the power behind these tools. To begin exploring and finding our more blogs, just follow the links below...

What is a Blog?
Wikipedia: Blog
Blogging Basics: Technorati Help
The Weblog Project: A collection of user created videos that explain what a blog is from different individual perspectives.
Blogging 101: An Introduction to reading & writing a weblog.

Free Popular Blogging Sites:
TypePad (30 day trial is free)
Live Journal

Searching Blogs:

Google Blog Search
Blog Search Engine

Additional Resources:
Blogging 101: Ten Tips to Set you Ahead of the Pack
List of Blogging terms
Most Popular Blogs: Technorati

So go on... find your voice and try blogging for yourself. :)

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