A Library Mashup

There's a new mashup* out there that's been developed for public libraries called Libraries411 that "combines location info (and more) about more than 20,000 public libraries in the US and Canada and then merges the data on to maps from either Google or Yahoo. Search by name, Zip Code or Postal Code. Maps contain location markers. Click on the marker to get precise location info, web url and in some cases hours and library size. Narrow results to central libraries, branch libraries, and/or bookmobiles." (Via Resource Shelf.)

Although the "for public libraries" link says that users can use an [update] link within the popup window to provide updated infomation (Note: City View Branch is still showing, etc), I honestly can't seem to find it.

Anyway... just thought I share this new tool for you. For those who like to checkout other libraries as they travel, this might be helpful.

* mashup - a website or web application that combines content from more than one source

To find other mashup apps - try Mashup Feed

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