Future of Libraries

DegreeTutor offers up a great set interviews on the Future of Librarians from a sampling of voices among the profession.

I have to be honest and tell you that with all that’s been going on lately, I had completely forgotten that they had talked with me too! -- I think it was only two months ago … uggh! I’m forgetting things too easily. Help!

Anyway, there are lot of great interviews to digest here, including Jessaynm West, Sarah Houghton-Jan, Michael Stephens, David Lee King, Nicole Engard, Meredith Farkas, Steven Bell and others.

My interview contribution can be found here. And my favorite question among the bunch is …

What are the greatest advantages of libraries today?

Libraries have great legacies as community gathering places, and as more and more information moves online, people are finding greater value in personal connections. Today's flourishing libraries are dramatically different from the libraries of even two decades ago. They are lively places of collaboration, conversation, education, leisure activities and even casual dining. As information repositories, libraries have easily been surpassed by the Internet, but as community learning hubs, libraries rock!

It’s true … Libraries Rock!!!

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