Understanding 2.0 using 1.0

Wrapping up the conference in Tutzing last week, a participant asked a really good question… “What 1.0 tools (ie books) can you recommend to become familiar with 2.0?”

It was a great question and for those just becoming familiar or trying to catch up, books (Yes 1.0 tools, so to speak) can often provide the best depth and understanding about the shift (both culturally and informationally) that is taking place and thus are a great place to start.

When the question was asked at the end of the three day conference, the good news was that my colleagues sharing the platform with me at the front of the room had already named several among my top five and it wasn’t long before the four of us had the blackboard behind us filled up with titles in both English and in German - and still the audience was asking for more.

Anyway, here’s my list of at least the top four. The 5th place position is a toss up for me between Smart Mobs or Wikinomics.

  1. Cluetrain Manifesto
  2. The Long Tail
  3. Convergence Culture
  4. Everything is Miscellaneous
  5. Toss Up: Smart Mobs or Wikinomics.

I'm curious … what titles would you recommend for those looking for books to help understand the shift better? Would you agree with my list? Or is there something else that you’d recommend?


Ryan Deschamps said...

Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki is another good one.

Anonymous said...

I'd recommend they can just read the Wired article on the long tail... the book inflates the discussion without significantly expanding on it, taking something well-said and making it a bit of a slog.

Bowling Alone is sometimes recommended as a kind of precursor.

Anonymous said...

Something that explains the power of collaboration? Maybe Eric Raymond's The Cathedral and the Bazaar.

Unknown said...

Glenn Reynold's An Army Of Davids would be my pick.