Still tracking web page views? Perhaps it’s time to think again …

The rise of ajax has changed the landscape of web statistics. No longer are web pages views the standard for tracking web traffic. With ajax, that allows pages to refresh content without reloading, Neilson is looking at a new standard to measure web site stats -- length of time spent on the site.

While this change may account for ajax, it doesn’t seem to do anything to address the rise and growing popularity of widgets. And as websites funnel and make available more distributed content upstream, I can’t help but think that even “length of time” might be short sited.

It’s hard to gauge what the future will bring, but in last decade we seen the standard change from “hits” (individual file loads) to page views to now, length of visit. As the websites become looser and more distributed in their content, I think it will be interesting to see how this measurement evolves and changes.

Nielsen Revises Its Gauge of Web Page Rankings

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