If I seem a bit absent around here for the greater part of the month of July, it’s for good reason…

  • July 5th Presentation & discussion: Web 2.0 - Library 2.0 – Learning 2.0, US Embassy in Berlin, Germany

  • July 6th Presentation & discussion, Library 2.0: Transforming the Library ( & other information agents*) through the Web, Frankfurt University Library, Frankfurt, Germany
  • July 24 – Workshop: 2.0: Libraries, Learning & the Web, New South Wales State Library Workshop, Sydney, Australia

It’s a real privilege to be speaking and representing PLCMC at an international level. But in looking ahead, I know I will be most happy to see the last part of the month come 'cause it's going to kill me to be away from David & the girls for so long. In the meantime, we've synchronized a Skype schedule so we can touch base daily. (thank goodness for Voip) And once I get back, I’ve assured them that I’ll be home for a long, lonng, lonnnnng time. ---->> I’ll have to be, cause I'll be out of vacation. :)

Anyway, if you happen to be among those attending any of these events, please be sure you stop me and say hello. The best thing about the social web is that it provides the ability to make acquaintances, connections and friends all over the globe. :)

* "information agents" - I love this term they use, don't you? It connects so wonderfully with the "change agent" badge I picked up at ALA. It kinda makes me feel like I need code name or something ... :)

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Matt said...

Hang in there, go for it & make us proud.