VSL & NSWSL Presentations ( ... & other thoughts)

My feet are killing me tonight. After delivering two sessions today at the New South Wales State Library, I walked all over the Sydney harbor area taking a last look before my flight home tomorrow.

My visit to Australia has been indeed memorable. But what has made the visit especially wonderful has been the feeling that I’ve encountered several times on this trip as I met folks like Lynette, Denise, Christine & Kathryn in person for the first time. It’s hard to describe to the feeling; the best way I can is to say that it felt more like a reunion between old friends. And I guess in a way that’s one of the biggest benefits of all these web 2.0 technologies. Because of blogs and social networks, I already knew these individuals virtually. So when meeting them IRL there was already a foundation and familiarity that made it feel more like a home coming then an encounter with new acquaintance.

Anyways, enough on my visit. If you’re interested in my travels, you can check out my pics in Flickr. In the meantime, for those in attendance for my presentations during the last two days, here are my slides in pdf.

Victoria State Library, Melbourne

New South Wales State Library, Sydney

PS: Thanks All! Looking forward to seeing many of you at VALA.

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Curtis Rogers said...

love the audience youtube video doing the wave! :-) good example of an icebreaker using 2.0 technology!