CML Tour & Presentation

I’ve always wanted to see the Columbus Metropolitan Library system and Tuesday I got my chance. After talking to a great crowd of staff about 2.0 stuff for two hours, I received a fast (but fantastic) world wind tour of four of their branches (Linden, Gahanna, Northern Lights & New Albany).

What impressed me most about the tour was how jammed packed almost every location was. In the first two branches we visited, I don’t think there was a spare open seat in the whole house.

Homework Help centers, recently opened in at least 8 libraries over the last two weeks, were jamming and the centers, in addition to having school supplies on hand for kids, even have copies of all the local schools' text books.

Anyway, I know elementary school homework doesn’t actually fit in with the topic I delivered that afternoon. But for me, it was seeing these libraries nearly busting at the seams with kids, parents and tutors working on the basics, that made the biggest impact.

For those at CML, thanks so much for the warm reception. Here’s my slides and links to the videos as promised, and even the little video I captured off my camera of a CML staff wave.

Presentation: 2.0 isn't a "thing" It's a shift & a ... (pdf)
Videos: Shift Happens (Note: better version then the one I used last week @SC)
        Librarian 2.0 Manifesto
        CML Wave on Youtube

Flickr photos from CML.

PS: Oh, I forgot to mention... the space in CML's Operations Center is to die for.


Erica said...

I work for the Columbus Metropolitan Library and I was at your talk Tuesday - I just wanted to say hi and let you know that it was fantastic hearing you speak! Thanks for coming up to visit CML and sharing your knowledge, insights, and ideas with us!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting your slides! I've been a big fan of your work, and your projects and presentations really inspire me to get in there and explore what's possible at my own library.