The JAM Desk

JAM - Just ask me greeter deskWell over a week ago, I took a drive down to South County Regional to check out their new circulation desk, but when I arrived I was pleasantly surprise to find that the transformation included much more than just self-check out.

For starters, the new desk is at least 2/3rds smaller in size then its predecessor. But it wasn't the circ desk that made me smile; instead it was the new JAM desk.

The Just Ask Me desk is the first concierge-like desk that our library has embarked on (Don't ask me why 'cause we've talked about it for years) and as I watched the entrance for a few minutes, I saw at least a half dozen people stop and seek assistance.

This past year I've had the pleasure of visiting many other libraries that have implemented similar information stations and as one colleague commented last week, it's nice to see libraries removing big desks and eliminating "barrier services." -- well said!

PS: Full set of pics of SOR's new look (as you can see, things are still in progress)

PPS: Elaine, Tammy, Garrett & SOR staff - great job & great leadership!


Oleg Boyarsky said...

Great idea, especially if a staff person oversees a number of self-checkout machines.


Chris said...

So cool! Now that SOR has broken the ice, we'd like to adapt JAM for the Independence Regional Library when we implement express check.

Anonymous said...

As we close in on the 5-month mark of the JAM desk in our library, it's great to report that its success is still growing. This desk is truly serving its function of providing easy (unintimidating) access to information. Now, customers are directed to the correct desk without wasting time (getting frustrated) in the incorrect line. We're also able to reduce lines at other service desks because so many questions can be resolved on the spot. This desk, along with doing away with other service barriers (a huge circulation desk, gates at the entrance, and large furniture clogging up the lobby area)has helped create a much more user-friendly library. And, shouldn't that be our priority?