CoASIS&T talk

I’m starting a marathon month of presentations tonight after taking the whole summer off from speaking engagements. In a way, I’m glad that I have six presentations stacked up over the next 16 days to do -- I take it as a good challenge -- even though it means that I’ll also be giving up numerous evenings just to prepare for them. It was not my intention to jump back into the swing of things by doing three back-to-back presentations in one week. But when I booked the first two opportunities over 6 months ago, I had no idea that I’d get so many requests locally to speak. The subject of developing social media strategies is really hot right now. And from the number of inquiries I've received, I can attest that there are lots of organizations out there trying to figure this new landscape.

Anyway, enough of September. Tonight is my first talk of the month and I’m pleased to say that my presentation is finally done (jftr. I finished it at 12:08 last night) . For those in attendance tonight at my CoASIS&T talk, thanks for joining me... and here are my slides. Hope you walked away with a few ideas on how to put some “Es” in your libraree. :)

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