IABC Columbus Talk

Yesterday I spent some time at OCLC conference center speaking to a great group of folks from IABC Columbus about social media strategies for businesses. The power outages we experienced earlier this week from hurricane Ike -- Yes, for those of you that may not have been aware, Ike caused major damage in central Ohio with winds speeds that measured at a category 1 level. In fact there are may still with out power (5 days now) and the clean-up is still in progress. – kept me from updating this talk completely for a non-library audience. But even so, I managed to find a few good examples of local businesses that were taking advantage of social media tools to engage their customers.

Slides: The Social Media E..E..Edge: Strategies for a 2.0 World

I know there are many other examples from Columbus area businesses and organizations that I could also highlight and since I’ll be doing this talk again (for another Columbus area group) I thought I’d give a shout out to see if you had any other suggestions of good “Columbus” examples of businesses (especially non-profits) that have successfully intergraded social media tools and strategies. COSI’s Community page and NBC4’s Twitter presence are two that I have found., But I know there are others. If you know of any other good examples, please comment


Dave Ungar said...

The Scotts company
has used social pretty well - They set up blogs for "the gurus next door", have message boards and photo galleries. It's all within their website though - I don't know of examples of them actively going out into the community .. (but they might.)

Justin said...

you know whats horrible? Snap previews.

Anonymous said...

@ Justin


Barbara said...

Helene, There is a new blog for Central Ohio entrepreneurs created by Michael Blowers of the Ohio SBDC (Small Business Development Center). It is called "Ideas to Deals".

I subscribe to this blog, which helps me stay current with our business community.

Anonymous said...

Stonewall Columbus' ED has a nice blog -