I'm a fond collector of striking thoughts. Here's a few I've noted in the past week or so. I like 'em ...

“It’s not what you know, and it’s not even who you know. It’s how much knowledge you give away. Hoarding knowledge diminishes your power because it diminishes your presence,” - David Weinberger

"The brand is now to a significant degree the quality of the conversation... and the conversation IS the brand," Tom Peters

“Vision is a love affair with an idea” - Boyd Clarke & Ron Crossland, The Leader’s Voice

"In order to uncover the gold within your organization, you have to be willing to shake the pan." - David Blowers

That last one came from my husband -- who from his own experience in corporate enterprise, often comes up with gems like this. :)

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annot8 said...

Shaking the pan ... what a concept! That idea is a good pair with this one from Charles Kettering that I've had scribbled in my Franklin for many years: "Remember: you can't change things without making changes."