Thing #12 You say Tweet, I say Twitter

I’ve been using Twitter for about year now and here’s what I’ve noticed …

Twitter is …

  • very handy as a back channel conference tool. During last three conferences/ workshops I attended, the back channel was very active and engaging.

  • also handy at conferences in helping you make last minute plans with friends and colleagues. At ALA this year, I used Twitter to make lunch plans at the last minute when my schedule abruptly changed and to also get directions to vendor events.

  • a fantastic source for breaking news. Since subscribing to NBC4’s twitter feed, it has become my primary source for breaking news, especially local Columbus news.

    and finally…

  • the new election channel on Twitter… why is positively addicting. Last Friday while stuck in the airport for 6 hours ( yes 6 hours in Phily- uggh) the political fodder bombarding twitter before and during the debate was absolutely fascinating to follow. Both McCain and Obama have official twitter feeds (although I must admit that I think McCain’s was an after thought. Just take a look a the total number of tweets and followers for each and you'll see what I mean). It’s interesting to watch how both candidates are using social media channels for campaigning and even more interesting to me to see how people are reacting.

Twitter on … another post for Learn & Play down :)

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