Things 8 & 9 : RSS & Newsreaders ( & a few favorite blogs)

Over the past three years I’ve done a lot of talking in and about web 2.0 tools and technologies, but if I had to select only one (& only one) to focus my attention on, my response would be easy … learn about RSS and setup a newsreader.

Why? Because time is valuable! Learn how to get information to travel you (via RSS ) and stop wasting your time chasing it down.

Ok, now for #9 - a list of few favorite blogs… And because I’ve been tagged with meme before, I’m just going to point you to my previous fav-five list since after a year, four of the five are still are my list. I’ll let you guess which one has dropped off (& no it’s not the obvious Charlotte-connection blog). I still follow Gorman’s blog and admire how he’s stepped up communication style in the past few months. :)

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typealibrarian said...

I've seen the index card posts and just never connected where they were coming from, I guess. I am definitely adding this one to my feeds!