Good news for Public Libraries

Harris Interactive recently released the results of their nationwide Harris Poll conducted in August. The results show some nice trends and stats. Here’s a few I found interesting …

  • Among those that have library cards, “Echo Boomers (those between 18-31) are more likely to have one over other age categories (70% versus 68-65%)” *
  • Over one-third (35%) of people with a library card have used the library 1 to 5 times in the past year and 15 percent have used it more than 25 times in the past year.
  • Almost all Americans (92%) say they view their local library as an important education resource. Seven in ten agreed their local library is a pillar of the community (72%), a community center (71%), a family destination (70%), and a cultural center (69%)

View the full report here.

* Side Note: Echo boomers? That’s a new one to me...

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