Reflections on Library Leadership

I so rarely look at my blog referrals these days (confession: in my early blogging days I used to look at the these daily) that I was surprised to find a post of mine referenced on the Palinet Leadership Network. Although I’m flatter greatly by the nod to some of my thoughts, I have to admit that I consider myself far from expert on leadership … I feel more like a constant student who's perhaps is just gutsy (or stupid, depending upon how you look at it) enough to post my personal motto. Either way, I find that when I stick my thoughts out here on my blog, it makes a difference – at least to me. By putting my personal statement here, it creates a stronger motivation to actually try and live by.

Anyway… my ramble about leadership does have a point, I promise. Take a look at Palinet’s Reflections of Library Leadership conversation guide. There are some great view points in here to ponder and a great list of articles and blog posts to explore this subject more. As a student, I'm really enjoying reading many of these.

PS: What a great use for wiki ... conversation guides.

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waltc said...


Thanks for the comment. I'll admit it didn't occur to me that "Reflections on library leadership" could be considered a conversation guide, but it's a neat idea.

I hadn't gotten around to adding you to the growing list of bloggers whom I've asked (and generally received) for blanket permission to use posts, partly or wholly, in PLN articles; consider this such a request. Once you're on the list, you'll typically get email when I've done that (that is, used one of your posts in an article).

In this case, it was an indirect reference; if you were already on my "cleared" list I might have inserted your posts directly.

We're working to make PLN a central resource for current and future leaders (defining "leaders" very broadly), not only to think about leadership but also to get up to speed on current topics. I hope you continue to find PLN useful...