Thing #13 It’s like putting away / pulling out toys …

I’ve been a fan of for several years now and still fondly remember how liberating it felt during those first few months to be able to tag/bookmark websites without being chained to a local browser. I guess it’s still liberating in way, but it’s a norm that I have long gotten used to.

Today, whenever I do find myself promoting the use of to others I often liken it to the analogy of a “toy box.” For me is the perfect tool to tag interesting finds that you may stumble across during the day so that you can pull them out and play with them later. In essence it's my “toy box.” Where I store my toys, so that when I have 10 or 15 minutes free in my day, I don’t spend those precious few minutes searching the web for something new discover. Instead I just jump on over to and click on find that I recently tagged “PlayTime” or “MustBlogThis” and use my time to explore these finds more. :)

Try it!

Image: Slide 32 from my presentation, From Players to Guides.

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