Learn & Play - " I say learn, you say ..."

Inspiring!! let me repeat... INSPIRING!! (that was more of shout, wasn't it? ... Good !) Wy? Because it's really the only word I can think to describe all the awesome things that I see when I take a look at the Learn & Play program and see what all the CML staff are doing.

Just read a few of the blogs from the over 400 participants and you'll see what I mean. Or, take a look at the videos created by Gerald2.0 and LibraryJoy. Here's the latest - an interview with Rock Me Like a Librarian.

There's lots more interviews and videos too. Check them all out here.

You say "Learn & Play" ... I say "INSPIRING!!"

Thanks CML!!!


Pixelwiki said...

Nice to know somebody noticed me; Pixelwiki. I have come up with a new name to launch another blog etc in the future and it's likely I will want some experienced assistance to set it up well. I am into current events and digging around for the truth as well as what can be done with technology to assist with important issues. Good job L&Pers.

Jim Brochowski said...

The Learn & Play program really is one of the coolest things I've done in 23 years with CML In truth it's probably the coolest thing I've heard of any employer doing.

What a huge advantage to be able to come to work and discover all the avenues to the large community that Web 2.0 is creating.

It's really kind of a gift.

Thanks for bringing 23 things to CML.