The Pomegranate: The ultimate hand-held device or ... *

Ever imagine a hand-held device that could not only capture images and audio, but could also project video on the wall, translate your conversation on the fly into more then 50 difference languages and brew a cup of coffee to boot? Take a look at the video promo for this imaginary product. Makes me wish the Pomegranate phone was a real ... the coffee part would sure come in handy...

Here's the rest of it's capabilities in video. :)

* Hats off to the Nova Scotia board of tourism for producing such a clever and innovative marketing campaign that makes the future of convergence computing devices seem much closer.

PS: I've also vacationed in Nova Scotia and can attest ... the scenery and tourism opportunities are fabulous.


Jodi Lee said...

Genius ad...genius.

Jim McKay said...

My 14 year old daughter thought she had gone to heaven when she saw this ad!