Analyze your blog – Use at your own risk :)

Here’s a list of a few fun blog analyzers that supposedly offer up some insights into your blog and writing style. Note: I can’t validate the scientific integrity of any of these tools. I share them here for your pure amusement purposes only :)

  • Typealyzer – provides a Myers-Briggs type analysis of your blog and shows you the area of the brain that your writing style reflects most.

  • Genderanalyzer – determines what sex you write like.

  • Readability Test - Determine what grade level your blog is written at.

  • What is your blog worth - Determines your blog worth based upon Technorati ranking and advertising potential.

And just for the record, here are my results: ISTJ, Woman, High school*, $47,569

Note: The first time I did the readability test (well over a year ago) my blog reading level was “elementary school.” Guess my detention hall tutoring has paid off :)


Cycho Librarian said...

My reading level went down! I had college last year and now I'm high school... Guess I'm trying to be more inclusive?

Anonymous said...

I've got the opposite problem. I'm writing out just notes - a sketch for an article - and it comes out at 11th to 12th grade reading level.

Anonymous said...

Awesome set of tools! We've combined a few different tools into one analyzer, if you're interested in adding it to the list.