Too good an opportunity not to tout …

Boulder Public Library has just announced the type of leadership opportunity that makes me smile.
“The Library Innovation and Technology (LIT) Manager will be a visionary, energetic member of Boulder Public Library’s Leadership Team. The Manager will be responsible for supporting leading-edge technology and digital services into the fabric of the library’s mission and on-going activities. A strong dedication to innovation and rapid integration of services is necessary. The LIT Manager will work with all Public Library departments to maximize the resources of the public library in order to create meaningful and remarkable services, programs and experiences for internal and external customers.”

To be honest if I wasn’t totally thrilled with my move to CML this past year [don’t worry CML, I am :)] I might be tempted. But since I know that there has to be at least one person (or two) out there reading my blog who might be motivated by a fabulous opportunity like this, I just had to share. Get more information here and here.

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lnorvig said...

That sounds like such a cool job. If it was just a teeny bit less IT-ish I would be so all over it.