Thing 15: JFK vs Nixon (aka The Blog vs Wiki debate)

Thing 15 of the CML Learn & Play challenge asks you to comment on your findings about wikis. Here's a discovery I made tonight... who'd have thunk that JFK and Nixon actually debated the merits of Blogs vs Wikis over 40 years ago. I'm Serious... have a look :)

PS: Watching this video makes me wonder how this topic might have played out in a Obama / McCain showdown. On second thought, I think we already know. But, if your curious at all on learning about how the Obama camp successfully engaged the public through social media like blogs and wikis, MIT Technology Review had a great cover story on his campaign's use of online tools last month titled, How Obama Really Did It.

Even if your not an Obama fan, from a social media standpoint it's an interesting read.


waltc said...

Might I suggest the following as a resource?

Blog or wiki--which tool to use?

Anonymous said...

Helene, I was delighted to come across your blog earlier today, and even more so to see your reference to this debate.

The Nixon guy's not bad, but the Kennedy guy's no Vaughn Meader. Still, I posted it on my own blog. And I'll be coming back here.