Thing 14: Thoughts & perspectives

I have to admit, trying to follow along with CML’s Learn & Play program by blogging each of things has had its challenges. Not because of time, but rather because 90% of the exercises in the program are one’s that I created. Indeed it’s been a strange sort of challenge to be on the “learner” side of the program this time. But the L&P team has been doing such a great job at coordinating and leading the effort, I feel in way obligated to try my best to support the program by participating along with staff.

For exercise 14, participants are asked reflect on a one or two perspectives on how 2.0 is affecting libraries. In answer to this question, I offer up one simple response … just read my blog.

In fact started this blog over four years ago in an effort to keep onto of the shift I was beginning to see. Here is first post.

In looking through the archives, Feb 05 marks my first entry with mention of anything 2.0. My good friend Michael Casey coined the phrase in what seems so very long ago and I guess in web-time is was. 4 years has truly gone by fast.

Anyway, if you’re wondering at all what my perspectives are on libraries and the shift, just grab any two month’s archives at random. You’ll see it’s forever evolving. :)

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Gerald Schwab said...

I'm glad you're supporting us in this process. It's been great working with so many staff and getting them on video!