Thing 18: Web 2.0 Fun

So for my 18th thing for Learn & Play, I chose the Fun Stuff category to explore. Hairmixer, listed as #2 on the this year’s’s Web 2.0 Awards, looked too much fun to pass up. Here are my results. BTW feel free to giggle :)

I think it’s safe to say that I definitely can’t pull off the Pink and Paris Hilton looks and I just don’t have the locks to maintain a Catherine Zeta Jones. Still it was fun.

Ok, only four more things to do for L&P.


Cat Herself said...

This hairmixer is really irresistable! What fun!

Anonymous said...

I think your Paris Hilton looks more like Annette Bening! B=Not bad, actually!

Cheryl said...

Fun! I was going to tell you that you look like Annette Bening too! Seriously.