Thing 17: Online Applications & Slideshare

I am a big fan of online applications and online storage. Online apps not only allow people to easily collaborate, they are the ultimate storage safety net. For me is a pseudo online app that has come to my rescue on more than one occasion. Although in the trust sense, some might not call it an online app (because you can't really create presentations slide with it) you can create slidecasts (audio slideshows) from presentations you upload.

Anyway, as I said Slideshare has come to my rescue on more then occasion. By hosting my slideshows on the web, I have access to them where ever I go – even when I forget to bring along my thumb drive.

So for my blog post about Thing 17 on CML's Learn & Play, I thought I'd highlight Slideshare. And i just noticed that they have a new widget that allows me to share all my upload presentations in a “presentation pack”

Pretty neat, hey? Just another reason to love Slideshare.

OK, I'm on the home stretch for Learn & Play, only 6 more things to blog :)

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