Finding the Phoenix – UGame, ULearn Keynote

When Eric Boekesteijn quoted me on the stage during his talk with Paul Holdengraber at Computers in Library last month, I knew I had pull the idea into a new talk for my keynote at the UGame, ULearn conference in Delft this Thursday.

Anyway, it took me a lot longer then I anticipated to actually pull my thoughts for this talk together, but overall I’m pleased with the results. Here’s my favorite slide from the 63 image deck.

If you’re interested in the full presentation, you can find it on slideshare - Finding The Phoenix: Feathers, Flight & the Future of Libraries

PS: Here also a brief video chat that Kathy Dempsey and I did with Eric in DC that offers a glimpse of what my talk is about.


Isabelle said...

I realy loved your presentation. I was the most inspiring one of the whole day! g

Verbindingen said...

Absolutely inspiring and challenging! I am a change agent in a high school library in the Netherlands and I hope to be able to share some of your vision with other school librarians in my region. We have all got to get moving on this or we risk becoming a dinosaur fossilized in an outdated institute instead of a phoenix taking flight and leading the way in a new information age.

marlies said...

Indeed the most inspiring presentation of the day. I love blowing bubbles!