It feels like Christmas again ...

After discovering and playing around with this site over the weekend, I just have to share it with you - NetVibes.

I am truly loving this site not only for its ease of use and ability to pull in news feeds, but I love the all the extra apps such as Flickr feeds, To do List, Post-it Notes, Bookmark tags, etc. You can even pull in Writely documents. (See post on Writely at CC blog) The drag and drop feature totally seals the deal for me. NetVibes is my official favorite find for 2005 (You'll have to wait 363 more days for my 2006 find :))

Click on the image to see a screen capture of the page I created. :)

Try it yourself...

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Anonymous said...

This is a remarkable tool. I've shared this with several friends, and they agree. All are excitedly building their netvibes pages and sharing fun RSS feeds they discover.

I love being able to check the weather forecast, see what items are in my NetFlix queue, learn a new "Word of the Day", and glance at items on my virtual "To Do" list (and much more), all by visiting this one page.

Thanks for sharing this, Helene!

(By the way, today's word is "Frowzy:
1. Unkempt, slovenly. 2. Having a musty odor.")