The Audio Visual Library of 2015

With more and more libraries dropping VHS offerings from their collections in favor of DVDs and the advent of podcasting and on-demand audio (such as downloadable audio) on the increase, you may be wondering what the Audio Visual Department may look like in the future. Michael Stephens, on ALA TechSource contemplates this future in a recent post titled Crystal Visions of the Audio Visual Department 2015 and in reading article, the ideas don't seem all that far off.
" So, what's the "Crystal Vision?" The Audio Visual Department of 2015 may be two spaces: 1) a vibrant space for digital creation and mashing up all of our content and room to gather and pursue our hearts' interests and 2) a space with a bunch of servers that serve out library-licensed content to library users, wherever they happen to be."

Read the full discussion here.

What thoughts come to your mind?

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