Tech Talks: The journey starts

In two weeks, I'll be jump starting a new set of workshops at the Library to help introduce staff to new technologies and how they are being used in libraries. Many of the early workshops will focus on Web 2.0 concepts and apps that have redefined the Internet over the last few years and the way users access and share information. Social software tools are now so prevalanet today that they are now being interwoven into traditional mainstream media. Just last week I took notice that the Washington Post is now referencing blogs posts based upon Technorati tags (If your not familar with Technorati yet - you need to be 'cause it's the google of blogs and social tagging).

Anyway, as I embark on this training journey this year, I'm excited not only by the opportunity to share these new social software and technology tools with fellow staff members, but also by the prospect of learning more myself from other knowledgable staff. Topics that will be covered in the series include: Blogging (this was obvious wasn't it), podcasting, gaming, wikis, downloadable audio, IM, tagging & folksonomies etc. and the list goes on. I'm please with the line up topics so far, but am always looking for others. So if you have a suggestion, just let me know. With the rapid pace of Web 2.0 development, there's always something new to explore. :)

BTW: If you're intersested in web 2.0/social software apps and tools, here's a great starter list :)

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Lori said...

I think at some point we should address for staff and maybe the public some of the issues that have been appearing in the media recently regarding teens posting personal info on MySpace and FaceBook. It turns out that teens are giving too many personal details and are being approached by adults posing as teens. Dateline did a series about this and I have had a few questions from staff.